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As times change, so do children’s needs and parental circumstances. So, while a child custody order might have relevant terms for a parent’s responsibility for a child’s care at one time, new circumstances might require changed terms. If you’re reading into child custody modifications, you may have some of the following questions:

Can I Change a Child Custody Order in New Jersey?

Yes, a parent can legally change a child custody order through a consent order or by filing a motion for modification with the court.

What Is a Consent Order?

A consent order essentially is an agreement with your child’s other parent. If both parents agree on the changes to an existing child custody order, they can bring the modified agreement to a judge through a consent order. Judges typically approve the consent order if the parents act in the child’s best interests.

What if My Ex and I Cannot Agree on a New Child Custody Order?

If both parents cannot agree to a changed version of the existing child custody order, the parent wishing to alter it may submit a motion for modification to the court. That parent must include evidence of a significant shift in circumstances.

Where Can I Find Legal Support for My Custody Issue?

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