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Help with Your Divorce Property Settlement in Wayne/Totowa, NJ

In the State of New Jersey, property settlement usually includes more than just a finalized list of who owns what building or how the money from a property sale should be divided. Whether you own a home together or have investment properties, your assets need to be separated in the divorce process. Property settlement also details all aspects of the divorce including child custody and support, the assignment of debt, and more. Sometimes these agreements are referred to as marital settlement agreements. At Maria A. Giammona Law, LLC in Wayne/Totowa, NJ, we are committed to being your family law advocate. We can help you file paperwork and set a fair property settlement agreement during your divorce.

Our firm will work with you to make sure all the details are clear and the final property settlement paperwork accurately reflects any agreements that have been set during the divorce proceedings. Establishing fair and reasonable agreements set the stage for your life after the divorce, so it’s something we take very seriously. Our firm is also able to provide representation should you need to request the enforcement of any court orders or agreements previously established.

We’ll be sure to take the time to get to know your situation so that we can best represent you along the way. Schedule a consultation with us to talk about the process, and learn how we can help you.

Separation and divorce

Typical divorce settlements involve the assignment of property, custody, alimony, and more. Paperwork can also be drawn up to protect both parties in the event they want to separate. A separation agreement seeks to establish rules and guidelines for handling marital assets and debt that accrues during the period of separation. If the parties decide they wish to move forward with a divorce, this agreement can be used as a template for the divorce terms, or a new set of criteria may be drafted.

Whether both parties come up with a mutual divorce agreement or the court has decided on the terms of the divorce, the property settlement agreement establishes the ground rules for both people moving forward. These terms will ultimately become a part of the final divorce decree. Making sure all of the criteria are clear is important, as this document is used to execute custody agreements, property division, and more.

Getting legal assistance

The separation of property, custody, and financial arrangements are usually difficult issues to resolve. Legal assistance is incredibly helpful for protecting your interests, and legal techniques like mediation and negotiation by an experienced family law attorney may help avoid going to an expensive trial.

The legal team at Maria A. Giammona Law, LLC in Wayne/Totowa, NJ, has worked with clients throughout the State of New Jersey to resolve complex property settlement issues with a minimum of hassle. Learn more about the process and speak with our attorney about your specific situation to see if we can be of service. Contact us for a consultation today.

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